Monday, September 29, 2008

New Music Monday: Green Go

I've never been to Guelph, Ontario as far as I can recall. But thankfully it's close enough to my city that us Torontonians get more than a healthy dose of the musical offerings of the hometown of Robert Munsch. Bands such as the D'Urbervilles, the Magic, and others have built an ever-growing fan base outside of their hometown, generally lead by us big city kids.
Next on the list of Guelphites with rising profiles is the sweaty dance party starters commonly known as Green Go. Lead by the shared keyboard/vocals of Fezz Stenton and Jess Tollefsen, the often-costumed 5-piece excels when the air conditioning caves to the demands of a house full of energetic young men and women with dance moves to spare. And while they're not exactly a brand new creation having released an EP on Burnt Oak records in 2007, only those in southwestern Ontario have had the pleasure of checking out their brand of Think About Life-meets-the Rapture disco-infused indie rock.
That is all until now, as the band is preparing tour plans on the heels of a limited-print 3-song teaser (available only at shows) which aptly demonstrates their energy, but also their range. While tunes like 'Cash Money Gremlins' and 'Ghosts of the Future' will certainly inject any party with all the dance opps it can dream of, my personal favourite 'Fool Me Once', which the band has decided to hold tight for a 2009 full-length release, showcases some of the strongest tools this talented bunch possess: Tollefsen's sultry vocals which touch on Emily Haines at her best set to a backdrop of grooves that snake through every crevice and build just to drop on a dime, and build back up again.
For those of you attending Pop Montreal next week, they'll be playing the Fuzzy Logic showcase on Thursday at O Patro Vys. Following that, they'll be doing what they do best in Ottawa on Saturday, at a sure-to-be-packed house show at 276 Nelson. As their bio suggests, you might want to bring a change of clothes.

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