Monday, September 22, 2008

Contest: Santogold/A-Trak/Lets Go To War - THIS WEDNESDAY

Wednesdays get absolutely no more exciting than this one upcoming.  Neither do contests, for the record.  Read on, young lads and lasses.
Philadelphia's Santogold, arguably the title-holder for most emergent artist of 2008 is coming to the Guvernment for her first headlining show in Toronto.  I first saw her at Osheaga in 2007, and have been spinning her s/t debut album constantly since it hit the streets this past April. 
Alongside Ms Gold (actually Ms White) comes Fool's Gold records founder and Kanye's former DJ A-Trak, and local electro-lites Lets Go to War.
In a very kind gesture from the ladies and gents at Live Nation, we've got 5 (yes 5!) pairs of tickets for this eye-popping lineup.  All you have to do is email us with the subject line "this is one Santo-Golden contest!" for your chance to get one of them.  But since the show is so soon, you best get on it.  Contest closes at noon on Wednesday, aka the day of the show.
But, since I'm sure we'll get a serious response and you basically need to be at this one, I won't take it personally if you were to run out to secure your pair just in case.  Last I heard, there were still a handful left at Rotate This and Ticketmaster.  Your $25 plus charges couldn't possibly be better spent.
Because I'm currently very sick of shitty electro remixes (gasp!), here are a couple tracks straight from what is a fantastic album.

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