Monday, September 08, 2008

Festival Season: Noel Gallagher Gettin' Pushed Around at V-Fest

Everyone who goes to an Oasis gig does so hoping, secretly or otherwise, that the Gallagher brothers cause some shit worthy enough that their mere attendance in the crowd warrants the "yeah, i was there" bragging rights to those who missed out. Sunday night was exactly one of those gigs.  Except this time, the troublesome kin were simple victims rather than perpetrators.  
Oasis was slated to close out the final day of Toronto's version of Virgin Festival in front of a crowd of 25,000 strong.  Everything was going legitimately according to plan, as Liam primadonna'ed his through hits (and misses) from their extensive catalogue (with 1997's Be Here Now being a noteable exception).  At about the half way point of the set, just as the band began ramping up to the peak of the title track to 1995's gigantic (What's the Story) Morning Glory?, Noel got blindsided by an errant fan(?) who managed to make his way through tight backstage security and threw what will stand to be the most famous bodycheck of his lifetime, sending the iconic guitarist flying forward into the monitors, reportedly cracking ribs.
Security pounced before the guy could make his way toward Liam, wrestling him to the ground and dragging him off stage, as Liam attempted feebly to avenge his brother's levelling with a couple faux-punches before following the horde off-stage.
As Noel got to his feet, him and the rest of the band headed for the wings as well, assumedly to kick the snot out of new enemy #1.  What happened back stage will remain a mystery, but the band did resurface roughly 10 minutes later to finish off what turned out to be a shortened, encoreless performance, which wrapped up with their signature cover of the Beatles' I Am the Walrus
Yeah, I was there.
For those who weren't, you've got backpackdave08 of Youtube fame to thank:

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Ha ha - like the whole Noel and Jay-Z thing at Glastonbury right? Oh god I'm by no means at all an Oasis fan but still - you've gotta admire the stupidity and supposed bravery...

Anonymous said...

i love how liam does nothing until the crew of security guards take contol.

need a little time to wake up . .

dead label said...

they got what they deserved.