Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Five!

The TunicsCost of Living
Utterly thrilling, anthemic rock ‘n’ roll with obvious echoes of The Libertines, Oasis and Artic Monkeys. Lyrically centered on a frustration with the rise of knife and gang culture in London, but given a duel dimension by the deteriorating state of the world economy. The most culturally vital music I’ve heard all year.

White LiesDeath
Intense, haunting, gothic power pop, for fans of Interpol, Editors, The Killers and all the bands who inspired them. Tension is adeptly built throughout leading to a pulsting conclusion where they repeat the chilling "Yes This Fear's Got Hold On Me" line until the music fades into the distance, evocating images of life's final fleeting moments.

Stricken CityTak o Tak
Compulsive drum beats, heavy reverb and a dash of synths perfectly complement the female singer's sultry, gravelly female voice. Yet another Moshi Moshi band of exceptional promise.

My Sad CaptainsAll Hat and No Plans
I must have listened to this over 100 times in the last few weeks and still have no clue what it’s meant to be about, as each time I find myself equally lost and enchanted by it’s lush melodies and soothing vocals which bring back fond memories of The Delgados, Goldrush and many other Truck Record stablemates.

Apache Beat - Tropics
Pretty much what the names suggest, a mix of African bongo drums, synths and impressive amounts of distortion to create a droning tribal sound. Offering such an eclectic concoction, this is perfect for fellow sufferers of musical attention deficit disorder.



I saw White Lies on "Later.." and wasn't that impressed but I love "Death" - I think maybe they're more of a record band and not a live one - perhaps its the whole monolithic look they've got going on though...

Scarlet xx

Anonymous said...

I saw White Lies early this year on the NME New Noise Tour. They came across really well live. I liked the darkness about them.

Stricken City on the other hand sound great on record, but unfortunately the girls voice sounded a bit too over the top when playing live. It's a shame as their songs are catchy.

Anonymous said...

Loving what i've heard from white lies...Can't wait for thier show in Toronto on the 21st.