Sunday, September 21, 2008

Remix S-Monday - DATA feat. Sebastien Grainger

Due to technical difficulties with my house's wireless network, BTA presents Remix S-Monday!

My roommate and fellow BTA contributor, Matty B., showed me this track a week or so ago. Apparently, French producer DATA isn't anything new but I only recently got hooked on the different incarnations of his track "Rapture". The original track, and accompanying remixes, feature former Death from Above 1979 drummer/singer Sebastien Grainger singing about some girl "telling her lies again, running around with other men" reminding me of his DFA79 days.

The original is a dark, '80's-inspired, synth number with a little guitar wankery and Grainger's sexually fuelled vocals. This track could have been called "Nightdrive", but Kavinsky already penned that (in a good way).

DATA - Rapture feat. Sebastien Grainger

Then DatA apparently reworked the track into "Rapture Pt 2" by dropping a suspiciously Timbaland-influenced beat and putting some reverb on Grainger's vocal track to heighten the tension. Definitely a slow burner, but I'd go nuts if I heard this in da club.

DATA - Rapture Pt. 2

Finally, we have Edwin Van Cleef's remix of "Rapture" which cements the original even deeper in '80's nostalgia. Beginning with some menacing drum pounds and minor chords, it quickly gets washed in bright synths creating a more uplifting take on the original.

DATA - Rapture (Edwin Van Cleef remix)

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