Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Inbox Wednesday - Good, Better, Best

Since we started the blog, the BTA inbox has become rich with track submissions from some incredible artists from all over the world. Given this, the BTA staff has decided (in a blaze of glory) to feature the best of these submissions regularly with Inbox Wednesdays.

There are three artists that made the cut this week, and I have decided to share each of them with you in a post called Good, Better, Best.

This upbeat electro track includes a catchy melody sung with a modest harmony backing. The hook is accompanied by an incredible amount of static-ey distortion that hits in a very original way. And it works.

Formed in Stockholm in January 2003, The Legends are made up of 9 energetic Swedes with varying degrees of musical talent (some picked up an instrument just to be in the group). They are signed to Labrador Records. Check out the track.

We Plants are Happy Plants - UITC (Up In The Clouds)

Anyone in the market for a Disco Banger should be ecstatic with We Plants are Happy Plants' Up In The Clouds. This victorious son-of-a-bitch leaves your head bobbing and your heart pounding. Plus, it's vaguely reminiscent of that Street Fighter dance track that kicked ass during jr. high.

We Plants are Happy Plants aka Peter Bergmann hails from Budapest Hungary an pulls influence from the trendiest of dance masters - Daft Punk, Justice, Sebastian Tellier, Hot Chip and more. Check out the myspace for more juiced up tracks.

Nancy - Keep Cooler
Nancy - Keep Cooler (Born Ruffians Remix
This was a great email to receive... thanks to Praxis from the band. The Born Ruffians Keep Cooler Remix is the first song which the Canadian indie kings have remixed, and they chose a great original track to start with.

Nancy is a five piece hailing from Brasília, Brazil that has been featured by the BBC, USA Today, and more. Keep Cooler is their flagship track; one that is highlighted by engaging vocals, a fun interplay of instruments, and an eclectic song structure that keeps you on your toes. The Ruffians remix is a quicky and peaceful take on the track, but I enjoy the original just as much. You decide which you prefer.

And if your band would like to be featured in an upcoming version of Inbox Wednesday, email us at bridgingtheatlantic@gmail.com. Thanks team.



Ah, interesting! I often get emails from upcoming bands but for some reason they don't read me properly and I always get weird heavy rock bands thinking that I'm going to promote them when I'm so obviously into indie and electro (okay, with a lot inbetween admittedly)!

Scarlet xx

Anonymous said...

ei, THE LEGENDS only consists of one guy. he's also a member of ACID HOUSE KINGS.

Mike said...

According to the label:

"The Legends are nine persons who play drums, guitars, tambourine, organ, bass and sings. Many of the members have never played their instruments before which just adds excitement to the short and intensive gigs."

Mookie said...

good picks mikey. liking the sounds of all of them. this segment is definitely becoming my favourite.

muebles said...

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