Sunday, September 14, 2008

Remix Sunday: HAUNTS REMIX

HAUNTS, or 'The Haunts' (they don't seem to care much) are an up and coming four-piece London band whose new wave style is fueled by some heavy guitar riff action and some catchy synth. After being picked up by Black Records they released an album this summer, and have steadily been gaining a following on their home turf ever since.

Warning : Do not go to their website unless you want to enjoy a small epileptic fit today. But you're going to go to it now anyways, aren't you?

That's fine, I'll wait................

Told you.

Anyway, aside from inducing seizures the guys have been pumping out a slew of dance tracks, remixing the likes of Midnight Juggernauts, CSS and Late of the Pier (Check these guys out) through their side-project, Haunts Remix, . BTA received some tracks from them a little while back, and their remix of 'The Bears are Coming' always got me bouncing when it crept up on the playlist. Have a listen and if you like what you hear, you can download a whole bunch more tracks from their myspace. Or if you're across the pond, check out HAUNTS live all over England starting this week.

Late of the Pier - The bears are coming (HAUNTS Remix)
The Music - Drugs (HAUNTS Remix)

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