Sunday, September 14, 2008

So Good it Couldn't Wait for New Music Monday: Chairlift

Brooklyn, NY's shoegaze poppers Chairlift are exposing a regret in myself tonight that I didn't know I had.  As I am ingulfing myself in 'Earwig Town' from their brand new debut LP, I remember painfully the night this past spring when they opened for MGMT at the Mod Club down the street.
The pain spurs from the fact that, although I was in attendance at that show, the convenience of living 5 minutes away got the best of me;  I skipped their set in favour of the company of a couple friends and the bong.  We were plenty high to appreciate what was the best MGMT performance I've seen to date, but missed out entirely on their personal friends as openers.  
My stupidity was unbeknownst to me for months, as only tonight have I gone to their myspace to find out that they're fucking amazing.   They call it live music for haunted houses.  I call it pop created for the stoned sad kid on a summer's day.
They're at the Horseshoe on October 25th with Yeasayer.  And, thusly, so am I.
From their debut LP Does You Inspire You:
And I'm all about their video for 'Planet Health', directed by Polachek herself:

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Yeah, I've been featuring these guys a lot as well - "Bruises" is apparently going to be used on the new iPod advert.

I'm so sad that these guys aren't coming anywhere near me with Yeasayer (yet another band that I adore) and can't wait for the album - 2 weeks is too long to wait!!