Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Inbox Wednesday: Delorean

While scoping the far reaches of the BTA email, I came across these guys from Spain who go by the name of my favourite time traveling car. Delorean remixed The Mystery Jets' "Half in Love With Elizabeth" and have turned it into a piano-banging, uplifting house anthem. The vocal loop even gives them shades of Animal Collective at their brightest sounding.

However, I did manage to find another Delorean remix that they did for The Teenagers earlier this year. These guys also have a pretty cool Spanish blog called Desparrame, which an online translator tells me means 'it scatters' and it is definately a scattering of random stuff from the internet.

The Mystery Jets - Half in Love With Elizabeth (Delorean remix)

The Teenagers - No Love (Delorean remix)


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