Thursday, September 18, 2008


I first discovered Metronomy several months ago when they opened for some band I now remember nothing about. Metronomy's set was all zany dance routines, strobe lights and outlandish outfits. I was hammered, they were awesome; it was love at first sight.

But what really stuck with me was just how good their music is. As it turns out, most of the tracks I was digging are from the group's second album, Nights Out, released last week. Genre-wise, it's all over the place (electro, funk, rock, and disco all feature) but the overall quality of the album's 12 tracks easily places it among my favourites of 2008.

First single 'Radio Ladio' (video below) was released in the UK way back in November 2007 and three other Nights Out tracks have subsequently been released as EPs, the most recent being the insanely catchy 'Heartbreaker'. 'The End Of You Too', albeit not one of the choices for a single, makes good on the promise that Foals made a while ago but never totally deliver on. It's real electro-fied indie rock, and it is awesome.

Metronomy - The End Of You Too
Metronomy - Heartbreaker

The band is about to embark on a European tour, returning to London for a show at ULU on October 31st.

Oh, and by the way: Metronomy don't yet have a North American label, so if any of you aspiring music-industry types are looking for a winner you might want to consider putting your money on this horse.



"Hearbreaker" is too catchy for its own good - in fact that's what making me fall deeply in love with Metronomy right now.

But it'll have to wait. I want Monday to come so I can get out there and grab Ladyhawke before anyone else!

Mookie said...

really diggin these guys. kinda chromeo-esque, but more obscure.