Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Wednesday Mail Room: My Tiger My Timing

Acts within the huge genre of pop music must walk a thin line between bringing something new to the game and just sticking within the tried and true formula. While the new London band My Tiger My Timing can create a catchy pop song I feel that they have brought nothing new to the table with the three tracks that they have posted on their myspace. It's ok pop music, it really is. I'm certainly not going nuts over it. Is it going to last? Maybe. It is at least good for a listen on a sunny Wednesday afternoon? Sure.

My Tiger My Timing - Conversation Starter
My Tiger My Timing - This Is Not The Fire

ps. every wednesday we will be doing a write up for some of the music that we get sent via email. so feel free to send us anything you have; maybe you'll see your name in lights.


bbbykmbrly. said...

while i agree that it's not revolutionary, i do think it's a crafty blend of unabashed pop ie los campensinos, mixed with some off-beat foals-y rhythmic patterns.

don't be so hard on the kids.

a.m.p.m. said...

i actually think these guys are pretty decent - 'this is not the fire' is a great track.
i'm catching them live a week from today so i'll report back if they rip it up.