Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Album Watch: Deerhoof

In just over a month Deerhoof will release their next album, Offend Maggie.  It will become available for purchase Oct. 6th in the UK, and a day later this side of the pond.  

They've released the title track to sample, a short one that kicks off with some nimble west-African style guitar that quickly slides into a bouncing pop structure.  The guy/girl harmonies are fantastic and Satomi Matsuzaki's vocals are perfectly suited for the fast-paced and sunny guitar noodling. I still have very little idea what she's saying most of the time if I don't pay full attention, but that's a minor drawback I don't ever consider a flaw with this band.  If the album as a whole follows suit, it should impress as much or more than last year's Friend Opportunity.

They'll tour in support of the album beginning on October 3rd, no Canadian dates announced quite yet, though there is a welcome 2-day gap between Pontiac, MI and NYC, so who knows, Toronto.

"The Tears of Music and Love" from the new album can be seen performed live in Tokyo courtesy of Pitchfork TV.

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See Deerhoof are one of those bands that I've never really gotten into to! Is this just a bit strange or what?

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