Saturday, October 25, 2008

Achy Breaky Heart

Prosecutor: Britain, you have been charged with an unhealthy fixation with old ladies talking suggestively about their feline companions; selling saucy postcards of scantily clad buxon beauties at seaside resorts; and allowing Eurotrash to pervert your television sets for over 10 years. In short, you are here to defend your love of all things "Camp".

Britain: No your honour, that was all in the past. We're a mature, respectable nation now.

Prosecutor: So tell me, who were the best selling artist over the past 5 years?

Britain: Um, ok that was Scissor Sisters but that was so 2004. I can assure you, we're fully reformed.

Prosecutor: Then how do you explain the current obsession with Heartbreak and their melodramatic, Pet Shop Boys soundtracking Flight of the Concords, debut album "Lies"? I present to you Exhibit A, a performance of their debut single "We're Back".

Prosecutor: If I'm not mistaken, this is a classic example of Italo disco.

Brtain: Bugger

Grab your oversized gold medallion and join them on their UK tour next month!

Heartbreak - Regret
Heartbreak - We're Back

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Mookie said...

this is brilliant!!!