Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Weaving An Acoustic Loom

In Ottawa, we have the first weather report calling for snow.  In a panic, I searched for new sounds to keep me warm.  Here's one that I'd like to pass along.
New York's The Loom seems to be born out of the cold winters and brutal weather that anyone in North Eastern America experiences year-in-and-out.  What else drives people indoors to write soul-soothing music.  No noise here; members of The Loom craft delicate multi-instrument acoustic arrangements wrapped in blankets of brass horns.  Listen to the track "Song for the Winter Sun" from the EP At Last Light.  Everyone who has braved the winters here will appreciate what I am offering.
Don't get me wrong, I love winter!  I just want some tunes that will get me through.


G.R.O. said...

I reckon we should all get sponsored to go one month without writing about any more fantastic music originating from Brooklyn.

Who's with me...?


I'm with you on the whole not writing about Brooklyn for a month idea - although that means I've already failed by blogging on School of Seven Bells.
Ciao guys!
Scarlet xoxo

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