Monday, October 27, 2008

New Music Monday: Francois Virot

While I tend to be partial to anything French, I promise you that I am being as unbiased as possible when I tell you to watch out for Francois Virot. This quirky character from Lyon, France has been making music since the not-so-tender age of seven and has recorded a reported 17,839 demo cds since then. That part sounds made up, so emphasis on the 'reported'. If it's true, I'd like to find out where these demos are... and who was in charge of keeping count.

Virot's first solo album, Yes or No is refreshingly simple and well... refreshing. Crisply layered vocals, simple strumming and hand clapping (!!) are his MO, which results in a sound I'd describe as a mix of Malajube, Islands and sunshine. Seriously. Sometimes there's even laughter in the background. And rainbows?

I recommend Say Fiesta and the little ditty in this video. And I fully plan on getting the album as soon as it's available in Canada. Because it's amazing. And because the vinyl is royal blue.

cascade kisses from francois virot on Vimeo.


Mookie said...

brige, i love the song. it's a great video as well!

Anonymous said...

I don't know what the distribution deal is on this, but it's available in the US on Frenetic Records (direct from Frenetic or via Amazon). That said, this is one of the most mind- and heart-expanding records I've heard in years! For the last week I haven't wanted to hear anything else. It's just so beautiful.

remi said...

hey hey

Fran├žois Virot debut album is available now on Blue vinyl on Atelier ciseaux records.
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