Sunday, October 05, 2008

Remix Sunday: Emilie Simon vs. David Bowie

Bowie covers are a dime a dozen; for every Seu Jorge-calibre unique take on one of the Thin White Duke's classic cuts there are literally hundreds of lame renditions waiting in the wings.

Thankfully, this version of 'Space Oddity' by Montpellier-based musician Émilie Simon definitely does not fall into the latter category. Her powerful voice is layered and backed by just the right amount of organic strings, beats, and gentle glitched-out electronic effects to create a track that takes the original concept just a bit further without losing what made it so amazing in the first place.

Mme Simon composed the original soundtrack for the 2005 documentary March of the Penguins, but this version was not featured in the North American release of the movie (except in Québec) as the producers were afraid it would be "too challenging" for audiences there. Her third studio album will be released in early 2009.

Émilie Simon - Space Oddity

Bonus cover of 'Come As You Are':

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Abbey said...

I invited Neimo play a New Years' Eve showcase last year, and Emilie tagged along. She hopped up on stage to do a cover of 'I Wanna Be Your Dog' with the band and blew everyone away. I had only heard her March of the Penguins work before that so it was incredibly surreal. Amazing.