Saturday, October 11, 2008

Newish, or New Ish (for the streets)

First off is Marvelous Toy, a band with an indie sound if you know what I mean, which I don't.  Kind of the Okkervil River hop, step, and a strum kinda deal.  Nothing groundbreaking, but"The City is a Washing Machine" is swell enough to keep from masking its goodness behind any sort of washing machine joke, and you know how plentiful those are.

Second off, which deservedly should be first given the picture, is Friendly Fires and their new album.  "In the Hospital" finds them playing The Rapture with less gusto, peppered with a little funk making it decidedly different than "Paris." "Jump in the Pool" is more of a middle ground between the latter and what they'll do in future, meaning slightly better.

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