Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Inbox Wednesday: Cryptonites Remix

Cryptonites remix of the Futurecop! track "NASA" arrived in the BTA mail last week. Originally meant to appear on the bands debut EP, Futurecop! decided to leave it out as they were going for a different feel with the album. But Cryptonites still wanted to share it with all of us. They've given it a definite 80's feel with their string and slap bass combo. Makes me feel like there needs to be a triumphant video montage to accompany it where the underdog trains really hard under the watchful eye of his teacher, getting little better each time. And of course, winning the big match in the end and saving the school...or the puppies, or whatever. Enjoy.

Futurecop! - NASA (Cryptonites Remix)

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