Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New Music Monday: That's the Spirit

Before I start, I have to thank bbbykmbrly for tip about That's the Spirit.  From what I understand, Ben Wilson's history and influence is extensive in the Ottawa region and beyond.  He's currently a member of two other outfits The Department of Foreign Affairs and Toronto Indie Music Award-winners The Polytone's.  He has toured internationally and some Spirit tracks have made their way onto compilations in Canada and the US.  I would consider myself somewhat of a musician, but this puts all of us apartment rockstars to shame.
Wilson's latest baby is Staying Places and its a good one.  On this Antique Room release, his lyrics float introspectively over dreamlike music.  Simple melodies over excellent arrangements; this is great stuff.  This album seems to meld nicely with this month's other autumn-inspired folk picks.  Use as follows: press play on desired player, sit down, remove your current read from the shelf, enjoy.
Make sure to check out the tracks "Head for the Hills", "Orienteering", and "It's Curtains for You".  If you like what you hear, join Wilson to celebrate the release of Staying Places on November 1st at Zaphods in Ottawa. 

ps.  Wilson recorded That's the Spirit's first EP "with a broken radio shack microphone, a cracked classical guitar, two ghetto blasters and a delay pedal that caught fire during one of the recording sessions" (AntiqueRoom.ca) Now THAT's Indie!

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