Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Inbox Wednesday - Cale Parks

Seth of Polyvinyl emailed us recently about Cale Parks, an New York based percussionist and solo artist that is releasing his second solo album Sparklace.

Parks' digital brand of pop struck me from the first listen. Not only is his overall sound original, but the variance he provides from track to track is impressive. 'Some Sew, Some Find' has a light electro trash vibe; 'Every Week Ends' comes off with a smoother and more warm groove;and 'CC Meenkie Instrumental' could play at a yuppie martini bar just as well as a Burial track.

While Parks is still relatively unknown, his music deserves your ears. A favourite on my October Zune playlist.

Enjoy and keep the emails coming.

Cale Park - Every Week Ends

Cale Park - Some Sew, Some Find


bn... said...

way to pimp the Zune, Mikey

This guys is sweet. White Williams = also awesome.

Mookie said...

i'm going to have to agree with mike about the zune.

a.m.p.m. said...

i like it. i like it a lot.
good find!