Friday, October 17, 2008

The Friday Five

I googled 'Friday 5' this morning and stole this photo from MuchMusic. These songs are awesome, just like that little kid breakin' it down.

I only got on the Of Montreal train after Hissing Fauna... leaked a couple years back and it was in my top 5 that year. They definitely own the operatic glam rock scene right now. Their new disc, Skeletal Lamping, is built upon pop sensibilities yet dense and engaging. Apparently these guys have a wild live show too.

Of Montreal - Plastis Wafers

Next up is Ed Banger Mr Oizo, who is dropping his Lambs Anger LP this fall. I don't think it's going to be the next Cross but it has potential to get a party started. I wasn't a fan of his summertime brain annihilator "Bruce Willis is Dead" track but the stuff floating around the past week or two is much more listenable.

Mr Oizo - Jo

This guy Koushik is out of Ontario. He sounds like Caribou, the 1960's and reverb thrown in a blender and chilled. Relaxing soulful stuff full of instruments, samples and singing.

Koushik - Bright and Shining

Radiohead sure does like a competition. While I don't really think that In Rainbows needed the remix treatment, some top notch tracks have come out of the Nude and Reckoner contests. This Reckoner take comes from a dude named Brendan Merrick who has aparently never done this sort of thing before. Yeah right, he kills it. All the emotion of the original is kept in tack but it gets jazzzed up with some snapping noise and funky bass.

Radiohead - Wreckin'Er (Brendan Merrick remix)

Finally, yeah I know, Kanye West. It's pretty common knowledge that one of the most polarizing players in the rap/r&b/whatever game has a new album, 808's and Heartbreak, coming out later in November. Yeezy has slowly been dropping bits of it on something called the internet and now there is a new radio rip of another track, "Coldest Winter". I've never been excited about an r&b album, but I think this one will kill it. Sorry for the quality but imagine what those banging drums will sound like at 320kbps.

Kanye West - Coldest Winter

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