Thursday, January 24, 2008

Working For a Nuclear Free City

My initial thoughts, void of research: a band that calls themselves Working For a Nuclear Free City is either a) young and idealistic to the point of naivety, b) the result of weening a child on nothing but Bono, or c) politically inclined folk who honestly but mistakenly believe their music can help forward and/or highlight this cause. After listening to some material, it's clear that thankfully none of my preconceptions apply.. yet any of them could be correct, I guess. How any post-rock instrumental act can broadcast a political stance without singing a lyric is anybody's guess, but for their sake it's great that the music doesn't suck. What an endorsement, but seriously they are worth checking out, particularly bonus track "Asleep at the Wheel" from 2007's Businessmen & Ghosts. The song has enough force out of the gates, but really gathers its steam as additional guitar and string layers are packed on. The Manchester outfit hits the Hoxton Square Bar in London on Feb. 13.

Working For a Nuclear Free City - Asleep At The Wheel
Working For a Nuclear Free City - The Tape
WFANFC Myspace

- B.A.

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