Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Constant Constantines

Ok, the title is totally lame; but really "constant" or "consistent" are the words that best describe The Constantines, the boys from Guelph, ON. Releasing three great albums and three great EPs in the span of four great years it was safe to assume that after the demise of Three Gut Records they would press on and press on they did. They even landed a spot on one of Canada's premiere indie labels, Arts & Crafts, who will be releasing their latest sometime in April. The untimely demise of Three Gut happened right smack dab in the middle of the recording sessions for their forth album and from the sounds of things it has helped the band grow and progress.

They will be releasing their first 7' EVER, Hard Feelings, next week on Tuesday but it will also be available as a digital download at those popular digital download websites.

[MP3] Hard Feelings - Constantines

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bbbykmbrly. said...

i passed keyboardist Will the other night on my street as i was carrying my laundry to splish splash.

i was going to say hello. but i had an armload full of stinky socks.