Friday, January 04, 2008

The (Real-Life, Emotional) Teenagers - New Album Countdown

As a socio-demographic, teenagers are acknowledged to be hormonal, dramatic, and generally irresponsible, but a shit ton of fun. In fact, most any washed-up, fattened middle-ager has no qualms about admitting that being a teenager is certainly as good as it gets.

Carrying those same stereotypes to their keypads and distortion pedals are Paris, France's the Teenagers. Unless you're a rarely-to-never music blog frequenter, there's a solid chance you've caught wind of these characters at some point in 2007, likely as providers of some of the sweetest remixes of some pretty stellar bands. BTA first reported on some of these mixes in April of this past year, and they're in absolute abundance on hype machine and others. But January 15th sees the digital release of their debut album, Reality Check and subsequent North American touring, followed by the worldwide physical release March 18th. Their 12-stop jaunt across North America begins on the 18th of January in Vancouver, their first of three Canadian dates.

January 18 - Vancouver - Richards on Richards
January 27 - Toronto - Social (tickets)
January 29 - Montreal - Just For Laughs

The album seems to be made up tracks previously available on the interweb, but may serve as a mainstream introduction to the crude, ironic electro-pop that has already caught the attention of many o' youth and young adult.

01) Homecoming
02) Love No
03) Feeling Better
04) Starlett Johansson
05) Streets of Paris
06) Make It Happen
07) Wheel of Fortune
08) Fuck Nicole
09) Sunset Beach
11) III
12) End of the Road

Plus, a brand new track, which isn't included in the upcoming release.

Teenagers - Tiger

- bbbykmbrly.

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