Friday, January 04, 2008

Hot Chip, Hot Single

There is much that can be said about this five-piece from London. Headed by 8-bit star Alexis Taylor and certified beat muncher Joe Goddard, Hot Chip has eased their way onto dance floors around the globe. And when I say "eased their way" I really mean it; Hot Chip does not have the super fast dance sound that seems to be popular these days, but they take it easy. The first few lyrics of their 2006 smash hit Over and Over start with Alexis muttering "Laid Back / Laid Back / I'll give you laid back". Early in 2008 they are releasing a new disc entitled Made in the Dark to follow their well received The Warning (coming in fourth on NME's best of 06) and it seems like they're taking it even easier. The first single entitled Ready for the Floor is very laid back and plays into the dualities that Hot Chip have expressed over their 2 disc career.

My chips are melting already.

[MP3] Ready for the Floor - Hot Chip

[MP3] Shake A Fist - Hot Chip

[MP3] Kids with Guns (Hot Chip Remix) - Gorillaz

[VIDEO] Ready for the Floor - Hot Chip

MF Blaz


undercoveroperator said...

you guys are so on top of shit. bookmarked to the max!

Anonymous said...

so is Shake A Fist from the new album as well?

Ctelblog said...

Buggles glasses!!!!!!!!!! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

It isn't ironic, they just look like twats.

bridging the atlantic said...

aye, Shake A Fist is off the new record.

HELLO said...

They look like wannabe trendy douchebags in that picture.
Without Crystal Castles wonderful remix I would have never listened to their music.

bridging the atlantic said...

hello hello.
not to say you're that you're completely off...but you mentioned the "wonderful" Crystal Castles (which they are) but if you make the assumption that Hot Chip's music is bad because they look like "wannabe trendy douchebags"...

doesn't crystal castles look like "wannabe trendy douchebags" in the post above?

or don't the teenagers look like "wannabe trendy douchebags" in the post below?

is their music bad because of it?

not at all. in fact, their music is great regardless of what they dress and look like.

MF Blaz

sharkattack said...

i'm a wannabe trendy douchebag.