Sunday, January 13, 2008

Remix Sunday: Steve Aoki

There's shit show in the air today around the streets of downtown Toronto. A certain brand of shit show which is reserved strictly for the parties brought by Hollywood, CA's most hipsterest DJ/party monster Steve Aoki.

Tonight, Aoki brings his asian-sweat dance party to the recently-opened Tattoo Rock Parlour, along with Ed Banger supercutie Uffie. The pair, who have built incredible buzz despite having yet to release any records, are a prime example of the "attitude-over-talent" approach which has hit a chord with today's party-goers worldwide. Neither are producing any content indicative of overt musical prowess, in my opinion, but none of this really seems to matter to the legions of walking/talking American Apparel ads who have been shitting themselves over this party, put on by the Queen of the Toronto party scene, Anna Von Frances of Pink Mafia.

With about three-zillion kids RSVPed on effbook, It's likely I'll be the only human being not at Tattoo tonight. Not that I deny it will be a fantastic party, because it certainly will be. I guess I just don't care that much. That, and my one-piece bright purple unitard is in the wash.

Aoki's debut album, Pillowface and His Airplane Chronicles, which at times treads the line between remixing and straight-up thiefing the music of others (check out the 1:53 of untouched Refused sample which kicks off album snippet #1 on his myspace page), is out January 22nd on Thrive/Dim Mak. Apart from the questionable Refused usage, however, the album does boast some pretty interesting remixes (most of which aren't his own) and features a whole whack of guest vocalists, including Peaches, Hot Hot Heat's Steve Bay, and Todd Fink of the Faint on his remix of Goose's Bring it On.

Uffie's album is due out sometime later in 2008.

Bloc Party - Helicopters (Weird Science Remix ft. Peaches)

Goose - Bring it On (ft. Todd Fink of the Faint)

- bbbykmbrly.


earmagic said...

"Queen of the Toronto party scene"....?

pffft. right.

Anonymous said...

let me get this right: dude's album is actually remixes by other artists of yet other artists' tracks? whaaa?

bbbykmbrly. said...

yeah, mostly. or like giant samples of original songs. i dont really understand how it works, either.

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maybe the funniest picture I've ever seen from Steve, what a great musician!

Anonymous said...

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