Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Crystal Castles release video; I get brain freeze.

We've been following the Toronto duo, Crystal Castles, for quite some time now and we are so close to their first full length it was time for them to release a video. Now, I'm not to sure if I agree with two of the fundamental things that a video needs to succeed.

First, the song:
I don't think Air Wars was the wisest choice for their first video. If the point of a video is to capture a new audience into listening to your music then I thought that Crimewaves would have been the best choice. But I'm not Crystal Castles nor do I know them.

Second, the concept:
I just don't understand this one. They walk around with ice cream cones substituted for heads? What is that? Are they trying to copy Daft Punk's Da Funk? Probably not, but the dog head concept is way cooler than the ice cream head.

All n' all it doesn't really matter as everyone from BTA is totally stoked for their debut.

[Video]Air Wars - Crystal Castles

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