Monday, January 28, 2008

This Will ____ You, Reactions May Vary

Been on a bit of an instrumental kick in the last couple days, makes for a good soundtrack to Gonzo, the oral biography of Hunter S. Thompson that's been consuming a fair bit of my time this week (highly hilarious and highly recommended). San Marcos, Texas-based band This Will Destroy You drop their self-titled debut full length tomorrow and its Explosions in the Sky-style grandeur is effective as both a reading aid and soundtrack to a walk through a snowy downtown. I've yet to hear it accompany more heart-racing activities like drunken bumper cars, mongoose/cobra fighting, or Australian sky-diving*, but it would probably do the trick in any of the above.

This Will Destroy You - Threads

*more from BTA soon on what music would suit this form of amusement.

- B.A.

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