Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Juno Soundtrack to be Released Digitally January 11th

Acting on a tip from a friend, I checked out Juno a few nights ago and was suitably impressed. Not only is it a clever and engaging film, but I was especially taken with the excellent folksy/twee soundtrack. Belle & Sebastian, The Kinks, Sonic Youth, The Velvet Underground, Cat Power, and Buddy Holly are among the artists featured, and Kimya Dawson contributes a handful of sweet gems to provide consistency. A few cuts are available below, but I highly recommend picking up the entire album.

01) "All I Want Is You" – Barry Louis Polisar
02) "Rollercoaster" – Juno Film Version - Kimya Dawson
03) "A Well Respected Man" – The Kinks
04) "Dearest" – Buddy Holly
05) "Up The Spout" – Mateo Messina
06) "Tire Swing" – Kimya Dawson
07) "Piazza, New York Catcher" – Belle & Sebastian
08) "Loose Lips" – Kimya Dawson
09) "Superstar" – Sonic Youth
10) "Sleep" – Instrumental - Kimya Dawson
11) "Expectations" – Belle & Sebastian
12) "All The Young Dudes" – Mott The Hoople
13) "So Nice So Smart" – Kimya Dawson
14) "Sea of Love" – Cat Power
15) "Tree Hugger" – Kimya Dawson and Antsy Pants
16) "I'm Sticking With You" – Velvet Underground
17) "Anyone Else but You" – The Moldy Peaches
18) "Vampire" – Antsy Pants
19) "Anyone Else But You" – Ellen Page and Michael Cera

"Tire Swing" - Kimya Dawson

- a.m.p.m.


bbbykmbrly. said...

I assume that track 12 is a Bowie cover?

a.m.p.m. said...

not quite; bowie wrote "all the young dudes" for mott the hoople as he was friendly with the band at the time.

bbbykmbrly. said...

for real?

i dont believe a word you say.