Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday Five - Hip Hop and Christmas

Here are my top tracks of the week.
Apologies to those tasteless/heartless people who hate Hip Hop or Christmas.

Paranoid - Kanye West
As I read the email which told me that 100 people were being laid off within the local branch of the company I work for, I couldn't help but worry I may be one of the unfortunate ones. At this exact time, I Kanye spoke to me in my earphones; "Don't be so paranoid." And he was right...there was no need to worry. I still have my job.

And He Gets The Girl - Lupe Fiasco
This song is not new by any means. In fact it's quite old. But, it is still my favourite Lupe track, and it has been on my playlist all week. I love it, and I am actually quite excited to share it with you.

Shells - M.I.A
Not only does Slumdog Millionaire have Oscar buzz brewing, but it also touts a strong soundtrack. Here an M.I.A's joint from the album.

Lil Wayne ft . The Game - Red Magic
As a sucker for Lil' Weezy's mix tapes. This is the top track of The Drought is Over 6.

Goldfrapp - Winter Wonderland
We are now less than a month away from the birth of Santa Clause (that's it right?), and while there is no snow on the ground, I have decided to start getting into the spirit of things. Enjoy.


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Good choices - the ones I would've picked, as when you said hip-hop I instantly thought "oh god, please not 50 Cent or someone crap like that!" (apologies if you actually like 50 Cent lol!)

But isn't Goldfrapp, you know, a bit out of place?

Scarlet x

Anonymous said...

the MIA link doesnt work

Bridging the Atlantic said...

MIA link is live again

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