Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Yet another successful Strokes side project: Little Joy

Little Joy is some kind of awesome collaborative project featuring Fabrizio Moretti of The Strokes, Rodrigo Amarante of Los Hermanos and Fab's girl Binki Shapiro. It all started when Fabrizio and Rodrigo met way back in 2006 at a festival in Portugal and vowed to lay down some tracks together. It took a bit longer than expected, but the guys eventually hooked up at Devendra Banhart's pad in Echo Park and recorded some material. The resulting self-titled debut, released last week, is already one of my favourite albums of 2008 and I've only listened to the whole thing a handful of times.

For some reason the sound here really, really reminds me of Is This It, especially on tracks like 'Keep Me In Mind'. Some selections are decidedly mellower ('Play the Part', 'With Strangers' and closer 'Evaporar') but a Latin vibe permeates the album and gives even the gentlest song, 'Don't Watch Me Dancing', a sweet twist.

Little Joy - Keep Me In Mind

Little Joy - Brand New Start
Little Joy - How To Hang A Warhol

'Keep Me In Mind' live in San Diego:

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