Friday, November 07, 2008

FR1D4Y 51V3

Behold several tracks that have been spinning on high rotation, both on my computer and in my head.

After boasting about how great Crystal Castles are and how good 'Death' by White Lies is, why not post that remix the Castles did of said track.

White Lies - Death (Crystal Castles remix)

New stuff from Sebastien Grainger's self-titled LP. More rock than dance, but I'm feeling it.

Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains - (Are There) Ways to Come Home?

Aparently Iran (the band) is nothing new, but I first heard them recently with their track 'Buddy'. TV on the Radio's Kyp Malone is a member of the band and Dave Sitek, of TVOTR, helped to create those layers of noise that permeate his work.

Iran - Buddy

DJ Z-Trip, who I am totally unfamiliar with makes just the right tweaks to this Motown staple. The results are a crisp, funky mix of Michael at his pre-pubescent best.

Jackson 5 - I Want You Back (Z-Trip remix)

Epic. Space. Disco. Three of my favourite things, and they all exist on Lindstrom's latest 55 minute, 3 song, Where You Go I Go Too.

Lindstrom - Grand Ideas

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