Sunday, November 09, 2008

New Music Monday - Pattern is Movement

I have wanted to post about Pattern is Movement for a while now, and today is the time to drop some knowledge.

Pattern is Movement is Andrew Thiboldeaux and Chris Ward. At first glance, one may easily mistake the duo for a pair of truckers or movers in search for a good burger joint. They just look the part. Yet, this brawny, bearded, and balding duo shouldn't be judged by its appearance, but rather by the character of its music. And lucky for them, Pattern is Movement has created a brand of song that many are labeling as one of the most original sounds around the indie scene today.

With influences ranging from ?uestlove to Radiohead, the boys are responsible for some incredible tracks. My favourite is "Right Away", a song that is catchy and upbeat yet still haunting. Think Arcade Fire on this one.

For those of you in the Toronto or Montreal area, you can see the band this week at the Elmo on Nov 15 or Club Lambi on the 16th. Enjoy the tracks below, as well as this Take Away Show featuring the duo performing on a traffic median.

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Pattern is Movement - Right Away

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Mookie said...

love the "take away show" video. i seriously spent a whole afternoon watching videos from the site.