Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Inbox Wednesday: EX~PO

Sifting through the dozens of emails in the BTA inbox, I came across EX~PO.  Central Meaner Street is the second collection of tracks by Dean Marino. After reading Marino's bio, I couldn't help, but have the utmost respect for him. EX~PO's frontman/mastermind is a seasoned producer/engineer/studiohead.  His resume lists work with Tokyo Police Club, Born Ruffians, C'mon, Amy Millan, and BTA friends Ruby Coast.
I am always intrigued by what career producer/engineers are able to produce on the other side of the studio.  Marino proves that he's taken all that he has learned behind the glass and transcribed a "how-to" for bands. His music is simple; applying the "less is more" mentality Marino has successfully crafted some great rock songs.  "My New Story" dealves into the psychedelic, "Constant Commuter" chugs and drives smoothly through my headphones, and "At Day's End" yearns almost Jonas-like.
Let me digress, Marino's music is not simple.  It's meticulously pieced together, natural,  and engages the listener through every verse. One of my favourite finds of the years.

P.S.  If you like what you hear make sure to check EX~PO out on Dec. 4th at Rancho Relaxo in Toronto.