Sunday, November 16, 2008

Remix Sunday - Huey Lewis & The News

So my friends and I are newly hooked on geeky board game Settlers of Catan.  I've played probably 6 games in the past week, and would absolutely be playing at least one more tonight if said friends hadn't started without me.   I could (and maybe should) be embarrassed of my inner dork, but as role model-worthy Huey Lewis & the News once said, it's hip to be square.
So in homage to Huey allowing me to not feel guilty about my guilty pleasures, I am dedicating my entire Remix Sunday post to the 80's icon himself.  
After some digging, I actually found a full Huey Lewis remix album, released only in Japan in 1989.  Here's a choice cut from it, plus a really bad 80's dance remix of 'Hip to Be Square', as well as a cover of 'The Power of Love' by the Pigeon Detectives.
And, courtesy of the same 'someone has nothing better to do with their time' gods as have blessed me with Catan, a fan-made video for 'Hip to Be Square' made from a bunch of American Psycho clips.


Anonymous said...

ack! bobbeh! the links don't work. I don't know if it's just me, but as a closet Huey Lewis fanatic myself.. I am very sad I can't hear these tracks...

bbbykmbrly. said...

the links are working for me. you need to DL the songs though, you cant stream 'em

Private Detective of Los Angeles said...

Wow. All that's old is new again and still fun. I, too, still embrace my geekiness in believing it's "hip to be square."

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