Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hi, This is Times Neue Roman

Only months after their debut at the Vancouver Art Gallery's FUSE event, Times Neue Roman are getting alot of attention and doing some big things. The Toronto based act is comprised of poet Arowbe Arowbe Arowbe, who continuously delivers such an energetic flow and some great hooks over the beats composed by Alexander, The, who brings us back to the 8-bit console generation. Prepare for one of your next favorite club bangers when you hear "Hi, this is my new song". Remix anyone? You may already be familiar with them if you were at the Nuit Blanche Festival. Yes..they were the guys driving around in a U-Haul and performing out of the back of it. Their antics, along with a much hyped live show which includes some great visuals, have caught the attention of fans and the industry alike. With tracks already set to appear on CSI: Las Vegas, and A&E, you're going to be hearing a lot of these guys.

Times Neue Roman’s To Die EP is available now on iTunes and other online music stores.

Times Neue Roman - Hi, This is my new song

Styrofoam Ones/Times Neue Roman @ Nuit Blanche 2008

Times Neue Roman - To Die



Real sorry but your link isn't working which is a shame because they sound good - hope you get this problem fixed!

Scarlet x

Eli said...

links work fine for me these guys are sick~!!!!!