Thursday, April 24, 2008

That's Why the Arm Came For You

With a few personnel changes and an album cover that leaves us dumbfounded, Islands are ready to drop their second album, Arm's Way. ANTI- will release the sophomore drop about a month from now, but once the leak and buzz machine gets rolling there's not much to keep people from talking. The album begins with "The Arm," a song to rival the incredible opener "Swans (Life After Death)" from Return to the Sea. "The Arm" has a bit of everything you'll find on the remainder of the album. There are lyrics messing about with earnest pleas and nonsensical yammering, a great lead guitar lick, fluttering string arrangements, and most importantly, a balance between them all. A number of the tracks like "Abominable Snow" and "Creeper" have already appeared in set lists on tour, and with no surprise sound great with full production. Newer songs (at least to me) like "Kids Don't Know Shit" fill in the gaps and leave you with a pretty complete recording. With spring taking time off this year and summer leapfrogging into action, this is definitely music for the season. For rabid fans, iTunes released a cover of Beck's "Cyanide Breath Mint" to coincide with "The Arm," which by all sound reasoning should be great, haven't heard it yet though.

Islands - The Arm
Islands - Kids Don't Know Shit

- B.A.


Anonymous said...

'Creeper' is my fave so far.

Anonymous said...

i literally woke up this morning and was about to post the exact same deal before i check the site. nice one b.a.

a.m.p.m. said...

this album is great. morbid, but great.

Anonymous said...

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