Thursday, April 10, 2008

Art Brut makes me want to rock out

Due to the confusion of various other activities I totally forgot to document one of the best gigs I was lucky enough to attend last month. It was one of those random deals as a friend hooked me up with a pass to Art Brut's sold out gig at the Luminaire (probably my favourite venue in London) which was being put on as part of Jack Daniels' JD Set concert promo series.

The band was even more boistrous and spastic than I expected and played almost every song from both albums. Lead singer Eddie Argos shared stories between songs, made several journeys through the audience (one culminating on top of the bar at the back of the club) and screamed a lot. We Are Scientists’ lead singer Keith Murray even made a surprise appearance during the encore, providing lyrics for "Bang Bang Rock n Roll" in lieu of Eddie, who showed up midway through the song to close the set amidst general mayhem.

I'm pretty sure tickets were only £10, everyone got free shots of JD and some lucky S.O.B. won an Art Brut-signed guitar at the end of the night. Art Brut rocked out and fellow Londoners Official Secrets Act were one of the better opening bands I've seen in ages. What more could an Art Brut fan ask for?

Official Secrets Act - Snakes and Ladders
Art Brut - Direct Hit

- a.m.p.m.

(thanks to Nick Greenan for image)

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