Thursday, April 03, 2008

M83: Back to the Future

Remember those Simple Minds, Outfield, and Stone Roses songs? The ones where saccharine power chords and synthesizers would melt into the vocals? Maybe that's too specific or simply an act of misremembering (I should run for office), but if certain tracks from 2005's Before the Dawn Heals Us hinted of that direction (and ignoring the ambient detour of Digital Shades), then the the new M83 album Saturdays=Youth dives into that pool of influence from 30 meters. Pick your favorite goofy but generally life-affirming 80's movie and picture some of these songs in the's eerily awesome how well Anthony Gonzalez has captured that period in every minute arrangement and adjustment on songs like "Kim & Jessie" and especially "Graveyard Girl."

If as a whole Saturdays=Youth was treated with four coats of varnish the aforementioned tracks wouldn't be nearly as good. Luckily for us the rest of the album is varied with some Air-tinged loungers, the pulsing gloom of lead-single "Couleurs," and the Eno-ambient closer "Midnight Souls Still Remain." This isn't his best work, but it's no slouch. If there's one French album you'll buy this year, it ought to be Sebastien Tellier's Sexuality. If your tax return is kind, buy this one as well.

M83 - Graveyard Girl
M83 - Kim & Jessie
M83 - We Own the Sky

- B.A.

2 comments: said...

If you like electro, check out Yuksek's remix of Graveyard Girl... really good stuff. Thx for the original!

Joakim said...

I've been looking for Yuksek's remix of this. Do you know where I can find it,