Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I didn't know what time it was.

Having to use internet cafes in southeast Asia for two months can really make you lose track of what new music has been coming out. Then returning to the Ontario countryside with only a spotty wireless internet connection doesn't help out much more. And what a winter/spring it has been for great new stuff.

Allow me to begin my catch up of greatness with the new Destroyer album, Trouble in Dreams, by Canadian songwriter Dan Bejar. Yea, I'm a little late but then again I usually am...this guy has been making music since I was nine years old. But man, can this guy ever write some awesome music. My friend who introduced me to Destroyer's Rubies described everything about Bejar's music as enchanting and I tend to agree. He spins melodic fairy tales in a singer-songwriter fashion while still rocking out with a dense band sound behind him. While I don't feel that Trouble in Dreams is as strong an album as Rubies, Bejar's most recent effort contains some incredible tracks that stand their own against some of his best. The new album, and most of Bejar's old stuff, is available from Merge.

Destroyer - My Favourite Year
Destroyer - Foam Hands

Destroyer - Your Blood
(from Destroyer's Rubies)