Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Chasing Wabbits

Philly's Man Man are badass. These guys sound like a meth-addicted viking cabaret or gypsy circus sideshow - take your pick. And you should see them live. I got into them with 2006's Six Demon Bag, which was both utterly heartfelt and batshit crazy at the same time. Since that album, I have been salivating over what they would release next. These guys take the term junkyard orchestra to the next level. Almost a year ago, Pitchfork posted a 'making of' video while Man Man were recording their recent release, Rabbit Habits. Said video is currently available on Pitchfork TV under the SHOWS section. Barking dogs in bathtubs, street-side fireworks and bike stunts ensue.

Needless to say, Rabbit Habits does not disappoint this fan of pirate-y rock music. Man Man were playing a bunch of these songs live for the last year so it's always interesting how they translate to record. Yes, Man Man is better live than their recorded material but their albums are still brimming with creative and inventive music.

Man Man - Mister Jung Stuffed

Man Man - Doo Right

Man Man - Top Drawer

Rabbit Habits is out now on Anti-/Epitaph


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