Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Contest: MGMT Signed Vinyl

So everyone in the whole world knows about MGMT by now. But not everyone has a signed copy of Oracular Spectacular. BTA does. Two, actually.

But we're really nice. And so is Red Ink, who hooked us up. So, if you want one of them, send us an email. Title that email "please please please please please". Include your mailing address. Also include how much you love us. Be descriptive. Contest closes at noon on April 15th.

We also have a couple (two) runner-up prizes: a package including Oracular Spectacular on CD, an MGMT poster, and some ssssweet stickers.

Speaking of MGMT and April 15th - they're hitting the Mod Club in Toronto that night. Tickets here. Full tour dates here.

And... here are a few tracks that you won't find on that album - vintage MGMT for the folks back home.

MGMT - Just Becuz
MGMT - Indie Rokkers
MGMT - Kids (Afterschool Dance Mega Mix)

Oh, and check out this insane Youtube user footage of Andrew and Ben from MGMT drunk and belligerent at Zaphods in Ottawa, uploaded just last week. I'm pretty sure that's one-half of DJ Snugglebots in the background.

- bbbykmbrly.


Anonymous said...

p'owned! nice april fool's work on the video. but the signed vinyl is for real, right?

bridging the atlantic said...

the signed vinyl is fo' realz. enter!

highwaisted said...

weird. i never even knew what rick rolled meant.

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