Monday, April 21, 2008

Jay Reafund Punches Kid, Dan Burke Ensues @ Silver Dollar

"I don't care if they're from Memphis, that's pussy shit!"

Ignoring the simple fact that it's unacceptable to write a review about a show I didn't attend, I feel our readers wouldn't mind knowing about a rock n' roll shit show that may wind up a contender on the next update of "the 100 most shocking moments in Rock n' Roll".

Last Thursday, Jay Reatard played in Toronto, which we gave away a pair of tickets for. The show was at the Silver Dollar, the venue run by the notorious local crack head, Dan Burke. What ended up going down is now captured on 5 minutes of Youtube footage and a post on Jay Reatard's blog berading the promoter and the venue while apologizing to the "real fans".

Moral of the story: All of our contests lead to rock n' roll history. Enter every single one of them.

- bbbykmbrly.


Brad said...

that was a mean right. and a cowardly one too

Anonymous said...

Dan Burke appears to be extremely rude and aggressive.

a.m.p.m. said...

The classic pre-contact punch picture:

Anonymous said...

people should never pay and always bum rush through the doors at Jay Reatard shows, then throw bricks and used needles at this dude.

this guy’s career will totally nosedive if clubs & promoters start associating him with “people will show up, not pay, rush past security, and throw heavy / pointy / contaminated things at the stage”

let’s make it happen people! we can do it!


let’s get some tshirts and buttons printed up.

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