Friday, April 04, 2008

Live: MUSCLES in Sydney

The Manning Bar, located in the heart of Sydney University, had a certain feel-good vibe to it last night. Maybe it was the cool air, the flowing drinks, (once you got them), the novelty of my Canadian accent, or just the fact that everyone had seemingly been preparing to see Muscles for some time now. After I put my shirt back on, it was time to catch the Melbourne artist, funnily enough by the same name. Armed with two keyboards and a microphone, he immediately had the crowd roaring and dancing by busting out 'Sweaty' as his opening track. By the time 'Ice Cream' came around, the audience had taken over the vocals. My only complaint about this show was that it was not nearly long enough to fulfill my trendster needs. The performance seemed to be barley an hour. The crowd tried for the encore, but it became quickly evident that dream was dead. Cue the lights and CD player. I think this for the most part was due to the campus venue having to close up shortly after 12 am, most likely the malicious work of a power hungry old Dean who doesn’t like awesomeness. Regardless, the friends and the music made this a great gig which you definitely can't miss out on if he comes your way. 'The Lake' tour is wrapping up with only a few more shows in Australia. Get your tickets now as every gig so far has been sold out. Check the short clip below.

- Matty B.

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a.m.p.m. said...

I hate that stupid Dean - he always ruins everything.