Sunday, January 18, 2009

Remix Sunday: Christian Vorbau versus Franz Ferdinand

Cripes. Franz Ferdinand's much anticipated third album isn't even out yet (first single 'Ulysses' will be officially released tomorrow) but the obligatory remixes have already begun. Fortunately, this one is a solid effort. King Kong DJ Christian Vorbau stays fairly true to the original and adds some nice tweaks; the modified version features as the first track on Vorbau's December King Kong Mix, available in full here.

Franz Ferdinand - No You Girls (Christian Vorbau Remix)
Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses



Am I the only one who actually thinks that the new Franz Ferdinand snog is SUPER annoying when they revert to type. When Alex Kapranos is going all hushed and mysterious, I like Ulysses but then they do the whole sae-old-Franz routine in the chorus and I'm sooo bored!

Come on - whatever happened to REAL invention?!

Scarlet x

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