Friday, January 02, 2009

Friday Five!

Young Fathers - Straight Back On It
I'm by no means a connoisseur of the genre but when I saw these guys recently I was blown away by their polished orgasmo-pop-funk-hip-hop and awesome synchronised body popping. If OutKast came from Edinburgh...

Chew Lips - Solo
I only heard this yesterday on Lamacqs tips for 09 but I'm already totally infatuated with it, primarily as it sounds like James Murphy recording the little sister to Yeah Yeah Yeah's "Maps".

The Molotovs - Flowers
"I bought you some flowers; was that not enough?" laments the male lead singer crystallising the sentiments of indie kids throughout the country confounded by the XX chromosome. As instant a fix as Vampire Weekend but given a decidedly British flavour by the Alex Turner influenced vocals.

SoKo - I Will Never Love You More
Charming and disarming anti-folk along the lines of Kimya Dawson with quaint and touching lyrics which are given additional emphasis by the embryonic song structure.

Fan Death - Veronica's Veil
Probably the most interesting of the army of femme fronted electro-pop acts who've set up early residence in 2009 due to their sinister, gothic vocals which fit adeptly layered over the repetitive New Orderesque beats.


Bobby Radio Magnetic said...

If you’re into Young Fathers, check them out at The Edge festival in Edinburgh. You can listen to a preview of the artists performing here:



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