Monday, January 12, 2009

Overlooked in '08: Baltic Fleet

Baltic Fleet's self titled debut was released way back in March but it wasn't until late November that I unwittingly stumbled across it while listening to random albums at the Rough Trade store on a lazy Sunday afternoon. I was instantly hooked on the album's first proper track, 'Black Lounge', which begs comparison to vintage Joy Division (even with its total lack of vocals). Staggeringly good follow-up piece '3 Dollar Dress' continues this trend, but things soon move in a decidedly post rock direction (think Godspeed You! Black Emperor teaming up with Sigur Rós). A few tracks are more in the vein of gentle Eno-esque electronic compositions while others are almost industrial, such as 'Double Door' with its thick layers of chugging guitars over what sounds like dialogue sampled from a B movie. You'd assume the album would be all over the place, but it actually works as a cohesive whole.

Baltic Fleet - 3 Dollar Dress

Baltic Fleet - Black Lounge

'3 Dollar Dress' live at Paradiso Amsterdam:

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