Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Overlooked in '08: Quiet Village

Besides the problems of overlap and obligatory cool picks on year end lists, sifting through many great (and newly discovered) music blogs and online publications has led to a wealth of missed material from '08. One act I regrettably missed was Quiet Village, a self-proclaimed pair of sample enthusiasts forging "Italian film soundtracks, BBC library music, disco edits, acid rock, vintage soul and easy listening." I read the description before hearing anything, thought it a bit much, and was then pleasantly surprised. Each track on the debut Silent Movie sounds like a thick collage of orchestral arrangements, lazy rhythms and diegetic film sounds (bird squawking, for example) patched together pretty seamlessly. Mining lists for overlooked artists from the past year isn't always worth the trouble, but in the case of Quiet Village, I'm glad their name popped up in many of the places I happened to look.

Quiet Village - Circus of Horror
Quiet Village - Keep On Rolling


bn... said...

i LOVE this album!

A.W. said...

definitely overlooked, it reminded me a lot of the avalanches' 'since you been gone'.

a.m.p.m. said...

Totally groovy - superb find.