Sunday, September 09, 2007

Street Lights For a Ribcage

Most of us at Bridging the Atlantic dig the likes of M83 for making dark, chilling, and challenging electronic music that pays homage to early digital soundtracks and the earliest shoegazer artists like My Bloody Valentine. A Seattle-based band on the rise go by the name Sleepy Eyes of Death, borrowed from a successful Japanese film series from the 60's, and certainly belong alongside M83 in the crop who grew up inspired by the Blade Runner score and the ominous potential of electronic melody. Their debut full length Street Lights for a Ribcage was released earlier this year and failed to garner much interest from bloggers, though I'm thankful I happened to hear a song from that record this past week. The band contains a full-time sound, light, smoke, and theatrics member who ensures that live shows flesh out the cinematic force of their songs. If France's M83 has heard these guys, there may be a problem figuring out the influence/inspiration/ intellectual property rights distinction, but in my books good ideas are meant to borrowed.

M83 also have a new ambient project hitting shelves entitled Digital Shades Vol. 1, which Bridging the Atlantic will feature this coming week.

Sleepy Eyes of Death - Eyes Spliced Open (YSI)
M83 - Fields, Shorelines and Hunters (YSI)

- Brad

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