Friday, September 21, 2007

Pretty Crafty

So I stumbled across this piece of DIY marketing genius-ness, taking place almost literally in my own backyard:

It seems that Toronto-area synth-pop six-piece The Craft Economy are very anxious to get their name (and their music) into the heads of whoever, however. This past weekend, copies of the virtually-uknown band's debut EP, All On C, were spotted stapled to telephone posts throughout Kensington Market - a very busy place to be on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

The CD-Rs (of which there were apparently 100 in total) were stapled alongside posters advertising their upcoming show as part of Toronto's annual Nuit Blanche. The CDs just happened to grab the attention of at least two local bloggers, Two Way Monologues and Boing Boing, who went ahead and wrote about the wizardry of such a novel idea.

And then I read it. And thought it was fucking brilliant. And now I'm writing about it. And hundreds of thousands of loyal BTA readers are alerted and will likely check out this Toronto band.

And the best part: the music doesn't even suck. It's quite good, actually.

Their myspace claims that the band was formed upon a suggestion by Art Brut lead man Eddie Argos who, during their Toronto appearance in 2005, urged every audience member to go home and form a band (likely in regards to their song 'Formed a Band') by the next time they come to town. And while most people likely failed to hold up their end of the idea, a few crazy kids actually followed through. And thus, The Craft Economy was born.

The songs on their debut EP are pretty standard hook-driven pop, heavily dependent on synths and a very suiting boy-girl vocal combo. So if you consider yourself a fan of Arts & Crafts newbies Los Campesinos! or synth-pop vets Mates of State, it might be worth checking out.
The Craft Economy perform September 29th @ 10:30 at Neu+ral, as part of Nuit Blanche. But don't take my word for it, the flyer is right here:

The Craft Economy - The Crash, the Wagons, the Dying Horses
The Craft Economy - The Kissing Song

- bbbykmbrly

P.S. The band's entire All On C EP can be downloaded here for free.

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